Course Beating Cancer Naturally 
For those who are taking chemo and have never been on chemo before.

To beat cancer, you need to know the cancer and know the cause of the cancer first and solve the cause.
Strengthen your body's immunity so we can control cancer.

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  • This Beating Cancer naturally course, suitable for those who are taking chemo and also those who never take Chemo.
  • You can learn always and anytime as you need by yourself on facebook closed group.
  • Learn 12 steps to Beating Cancer, That you can practice by yourself
  • There are information and a table of drinking Beating Cancer juices and Detox
  • This course will helps you change your whole Mindset and Body to Beating Cancer
  • If you want to Beat Cancer by yourself so be ready to change, be ready to self-heal. This course will give you an answer to where you should start and how to behave.

How to apply?

  1. Payment
    In Thailand: Transfer funds to your account
    Krungthai Bank
    Account No. 8690085645 
    Account name: Kamonchanok Mettkarujit

    Overseas: Payment via PayPal
    Send money to
    Then the conferencing came via FB Messenger.

  2. Capture the finished transaction screen.
    Send it to Facebook Or LINE with the name on facebook.

  3. You will receive a link to join the Facebook class.
  4. Start studying immediately

How to join a class? 

1) Send you Facebook name >> Coach will send "friend request" >> Accept friend request >> Coach invite into private group
2) Message to page >> click the link to join a private group 

What will you learn from this class?

  1. Understand cancer and the real causes that most people don't know about.
  2. Differences between Modern Medicine Vs. Alternative Medicine
  3. 12 Natural beating  Cancer Techniques Without Medication
  4. Gerson's Primary Therapy (Gerson Therapy)
  5. Raymond Francis and T. Colin Campbell Alternative Cancer Treatment
  6. Foods to refrain from What foods to eat
  7. How to detox with coffee enema and  How to detox with vitamin C
  8. How to detox in combination with chemo and irradiation
  9. Foods to eat during chemo and irradiation
  10. Foods to abstain from and the most effective anti-cancer foods
  11. Gerson's vegetable, juice recipes and many more.
  12. Gerson's vegetable and detox and  juice drinking schedule
  13. CBD & THC oil
  14. Dr. Lorraine Day's therapeutic principles for recovering from late-stage breast cancer without medication
  15. Vitamins and supplements that help beating cancer from research and experience of people who have already recovered.
  16. The best exercise methods for cancer patients
  17. Budwig Diet recipes that help people recover from late-stage cancer
  18. 4 sources of stress and effective stress reduction methods
  19. Emotional and psychological care techniques that make you stop being afraid of cancer
  20. Experiences of people recovering from cancer

 Bonus 1: eBook handouts (PDF file).
 Bonus 2: Information about Essiac Tea (Anti-Cancer Tea).
 Bonus 3: Table of sequences of vegetables with anti-cancer effects based on the most common types of cancers.
 Bonus 4: List of vegetables that provide high protein and calcium and much more.
 Bonus 5: Examples of cancer-beating menus.

Details of each Chapter

Chapter 1 - Known Cancer and The Causes of Cancer

1.1 How to learn this course
1.2 Start here if you just know you have cancer.
1.3 Source of Coach Natalie's Cancer Knowledge and Experience
1.4 Summary of 12 Stages of  beating Cancer
1.5 What exactly is cancer and the exact cause of cancer?
1.6 Gerson Therapy
1.7 The most important idea of being healthy
1.8 Blood tests and scans, cancer screening (PDF file)
1.9 Photos of 12 Stages of Self- beating Cancer
1.10 Food allergy and heavy metals test clinic in Thailand
1.11 Side Effects of Chemo 5FU (Fluorouracil)
1.12 Examples of people who can beating cancer

Chapter 2 - Mindset to Fight Cancer

2.1 Change by 1 degree
2.2 Step 12 - Trust and Intent
2.3 Step 11 - Let go and forgive
2.4 What's the most important thing in your life?
2.5 Ways to Stop Being Afraid of Cancer
2.6 The origins of stress that many people do not know

Chapter 3 - Home Appliances and Food according to Gerson's Therapy

3.1 Start modifying homewares
3.2 Chemicals to avoid
3.3 Personal items and homewares that people with cancer should avoid
3.4 Step 2: Refrain from cancer-causing foods
3.5 Sugar content in desserts and drinks
3.6 110 Harm of Sugar
3.7 How does the body handle with meat?
3.8 Why cancer patients shouldn't take salt
3.9 Why cancer patients Should not eat soybeans?

Chapter 4 - Beating Cancer Diet based on Gerson's Therapy

4.0 Beating Cancer Diet Principles
4.1 For those who do not receive chemo - Step 3 - Add Beating cancer Food.
4.2 For Those who Taking Chemo - Step 3 - Ep.1/2 Add Beating Cancer Food
4.3 For Those who Taking Chemo - Step 3 - Ep.2/2 Add Beating Cancer Food
4.4 How to making carrot juice and Gerson green juice
4.5 Beating Cancer Vegetables List
4.6 Ways to Wash Your Vegetables according to Gerson Therapy
4.7 Ways to Wash Vegetables with Vinegar
4.8 Whole Food Plants Based Diet
4.9 Step 4 - The right way to eat food
4.10 Gerson Therapy’s Table (Enema Detox, Juice, Supplements)
4.11 Samples of Gerson Diet's Food in 1 Day
4.12 Alkaline Foods and Vegetable List
4.13 Acid foods that people with cancer can eat
4.14 Warning about Food
4.15 Nutritional value of green and purple cabbage
4.16 Cooling Fruits and Vegetables
4.17 Q & A -What should I do? If I Can't Find Organic Vegetables
4.18 Q & A - What should I do? If I can't find Organic vegetables to make Gerson’s Green Juice
4.19 Q & A - about Vegetable
4.20 Q & A  - Green juices are available in many recipes so which one to drink?

Chapter 5 - Detox

5.1.1 For those who do not receive chemo - Step 5 Body Detox
5.1.2 For those who taking chemo - Step 5: When can I detox?
5.1.3 For those who taking chemo - Step 5: Coffee Enema Detox
5.2 Who can’t do Coffee Enema Detox & Things you should know before do Coffee Enema Detox
5.3 How to do Coffee Enema Detox & Warnings and Precautions
5.4 Detoxification symptoms that may arise from therapy
5.5 Ways to Choose The Right Detox Coffee For You
5.6 How to Boil Detox Coffee for 1 Time according to Gerson Therapy
5.7 How to prepare a concentrated Detox coffee for several times
5.8 Demonstration of How to do Coffee Enema Detox
5.9 How to make chamomile tea for detox
5.10 How to Wash Detox Equipment (Deep Cleaning)
5.11 Parasite Helminth found in the intestines from microscopic cameras
5.12 Parasite Helminth after Coffee Enema detox
5.13 Q & A - How long does the detox take to recover?
5.14 Q & A - Palpitate after detox
5.15 Vitamin-C Flush Ep. 1/3
5.16 Vitamin-C Flush Ep. 2/3
5.17 Vitamin-C Flush Ep. 3/3
5.18 Vitamin-C Flush (Note Table)
5.19 For those who taking targeted Therapy - How to Detox
5.20 Q & A - about Detox

Chapter 6 - Boosting Immunity with Exercise, Supplements and Sunlight

6.1 Step 6 - Sun exposure
6.3 Potassium Compound preparation
6.4 How to take Gerson's vitamins & supplements
6.5 Comment about vitamins and other supplements
6.6 Beating Cancer supplements Ep.1
6.7 Beating Cancer Supplements Ep.2
6.8 Benefits and How to Using Black Seed Oil
6.9 Essential Vitamins and Supplements for who taking Chemo
6.10 Step 8 - Moderate exercise.

Chapter 7 - Relaxation and Meditation

7.1 Step 9 - Increase Oxygen
7.2 Increase oxygen with SKT Meditation Therapy
7.3 Step 10 - Get enough sleep
7.4 Foods that affect sleep

Chapter 8 - Alternative Cancer Therapies

8.1 Cannabis Oil and Cancer Therapy
8.2 Ozone Therapy And alternative cancer clinics in Thailand
8.3 BONUS 2 - Essiac Tea for Cancer Therapy
8.4 Cancer Therapy with Budwig Protocol (pdf download)
8.5 Benefits of Ozone Therapy - Do-it-yourself-at-Home
8.6 List of doctors and alternative therapies in America
8.7 - 10 Ways to Get Rid of Cancer from radical remission book

Chapter 9 - How to Deal With Symptoms

9.1 How to relieve nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain with oatmeal water
9.2 How to Reduce Pain with Castor Oil
9.3 Ways to Relieve Pain in The Gerson Therapy
9.4 Relieve high fever symptoms
9.6 Flatulence, bloating and acid reflux disease
9.7 - 10 ways to relieve pain
9.8 Low red blood cells, do this.


10.1 Q & A - detox, cabbage, celery Juice
10.2 LIVE: - Q&A September 2019
10.3 LIVE: - Q&A - Why can some people get rid of cancer? But some not
10.4 LIVE: - Q&A - Summary of 12 Steps to Beating Cancer
10.5 LIVE: - Q&A - vegetable juice & how to start a detox?
10.6 LIVE: - Q&A - Detox, Diet, Green juices and how to adjust your mind to Beating cancer
10.7 Homework - create your own daily schedule
10.8 There's a question about chemo. Ask here.
10.9 Ask about Detaux here.
10.10 Share your detox experience here.
10.11 There's a question about food. Ask here.
10.12 There's a question about Green juice. Ask here.
10.13 Share your experience with the test and get better here.
10.14 Is Mustard Oil good for cooking?

Chapter 11 - Food Information, Green juice recipe and Dtox table (download here)

11.1 Gerson’s Table (Green juice drinking and Detox)
11.2 Gerson's recipe Beating Cancer Green juice
11.3 BONUS 3 - Ranking of Beating cancer vegetables according to the type of cancer
11.4 Beating cancer vegetables in addition to the Gerson Therapy
11.5 Kidney Dialysis Juice And Beating cancer
11.6 blood & bone nourish Juice
11.7 BONUS 4 - Plants that provide high calcium
11.8 BONUS 4 - High protein plants
11.9 Main meals recipe
11.10 Vegetable soups recipe
11.11 Beating Cancer Salad dressings recipe
11:12 BONUS 5 - Example of a Beating Cancer menu
11:13 Mixed vegetable Tacos
11:14 Chili paste recipe
11.15 TOP 22 High fiber plants
11.16 TOP 30 Fruits with high vitamin C
11.17 TOP 24 Vegetables that are high in vitamin C.
11.18 Top 20 plants with High Antioxidants.
11.19 Cauliflower sushi with delicious dipping sauce

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