About Coach Natalie
Getting to know your coach

      I’m a breast cancer survivor and a mom of 2 healthy boys. I was diagnosed with breast cancer when my youngest child was 10 months old. It was tough to deal with kids and still working as a Software Engineer at the same time. During and after the cancer treatments, I've experienced side effects such as weakened bones, back pain, fatigue, finger cramps, emotional distress and so on. No one knows exactly how we get cancer but I knew I had a poor diet. I used to eat everything and loved eating red meat, especially beef steak. Then I realized I need to change!

I started researching to find the best foods to fight cancer and designed my own diet to suit my own lifestyle.

After that I recovered from cancer quickly with the changes of adding green smoothies to my diet. I want to help people recover from cancer and stay healthier using my researches and experiences from trying out so many strategies and methods. Because no single diet fits you all. Everyone is different. It's my passion to guide you to be well and stay healthy with your own custom diet and lifestyle. 

Education & Work Experience

  • E-commerce Engineering Manager 2008-2018 Staples Co., Ltd (In US)
  • Former Programmer Analyst 2005 StrongPack Co., Ltd (In US)
  • MBA 1998 Southwest Missouri State University (In US)

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