Chlorella Spirulina Powder Capsules Organic - 3000 mg.


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Chlorella Spirulina Powder Capsules Organic - 3000 mg.

Purest Non-Irradiated Blue Green Algae - Best Raw Vegan Protein Green Superfood Broken Cell Wall – Made in USA

  • Powerful Detoxifier*
  • Energize you from within*
  • Enhances Digestion*
  • Helps Promote Healthy Skin*
  • Boosts Proper Energy*
  • Best Anti-Aging & Anti-Inflammatory Agent*
  • Supports Brain Function*
  • Supports Healthy Cholesterol Levels*
  • The highest amount of biologically complete Vegan Protein. It has weight-wise 12X more proteins than meat.
  • The richest source of chlorophyll. Spirulina and Chlorella, when taken together, detox and flush out harmful toxins, chemicals from the body.
  • It contains impressive amounts of Beta-Carotene, an essential antioxidant that protects the body against free radicals and promotes healthy skin and eyes.

  • The PUREST SPIRULINA CHLORELLA in the market - We only procure the ultra-pure certified organic non-irradiated spirulina chlorella powder harvested from clean, NOT infected water. Our farms are located in an ecologically pure environment away from industrial, agricultural, human settlements and are free from pesticides, herbicides, and chemical fertilizers.
  • We are the SAFEST ORGANIC CHLORELLA SPIRULINA CAPSULES - Our Certificates of Analyses and constant pre & post-production testing confirm that WE CARE of YOU. We use only Verified Source for procurement of spirulina powder & chlorella powder to ensure that every batch of SuperGreens is consistent with respect to quality & purity. Produced in compliance with the best in industry standards and have International Organic Certifications.
  • We combine TWO MOST NUTRIENT DENSE VEGAN SUPERFOODS on EARTH for YOU! - Our 3000 mg per serving combination of spirulina chlorella will produce some of the best detox and nutrition results. Both are full of proteins, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and chlorophyll. They boost and energize you from within, enhance digestion, reduce fatigue & provide many other benefits. Chlorella Spirulina capsules also help in increasing mental stamina and boosting eye, skin, and cellula
  • ATTAIN THE WORLD’S MOST POWERFUL DETOX – Spirulina Organic Chlorella Organic is the world’s two richest sources of bioavailable chlorophyll and regarded as the most excellent detoxifier on the planet. Chlorophyll is well known for binding with toxins and breaking them down into removable compounds. This organic plant protein powder also naturally work as a kidney detox, lung detox, colon cleanse & detox, and liver detox.
  • SATISFIED WITH OUR PRODUCT OR 100% MONEY BACK! - We have encapsulated these wondrous blue-green algae in easy to swallow veggie capsules with no aftertaste. If, for any reason, you find the product is not up to your expectations, you can opt for a full and hassle-free refund. REMEMBER - Organic chlorella spirulina tablets, like any other natural superfood, is not a “quick fix,” it is an everyday supplement for your healthy life. Adopt a natural approach to Healthy Living!


  • Normal people take 4 tablets a day, 1 hour before meals is the best. Take 2 tablets at a time, 2 times / day (or 2-3 g / day)
  • If you are sick and want to increase your immunity You can add up to 20 tablets per day, divided several times (not more than 20 g / day).


  • Do not take with caffeinated tea. Because caffeinated blocks the absorption of iron from chlorella
  • Do not take along with vitamin C.vitamin C can loosen heavy metals bind to chlorella and the body reabsorb the heavy metals back into the system rather than being eliminated. Leave vitamin C intake intervals 3 hours apart.


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